About me

Joanne Paterson


Reiki Master

I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit my site.

My story

As a child I felt as if I had landed in an alien world that I could never fit in to. I continued to look outside of my self for the answers to my inner questions, seeking acceptance and approval from out with thyself. I left secondary school suppressing a deep desire to study psychology. As I had been conditioned to believe that I was not good enough and could not succeed especially academically. Instead I kept myself small and contained.

This was until I was introduced to Reiki as a depressed and anxious adult as a result of suppressing my true self and becomming lost within a broken shell. My personal Reiki sessions were the beginning of my journey to rebuild myself and grow into the woman I am now. 14 years on and my Reiki journey continues to flourish.

I can also confirm that I am progressing through my degree in psychology and counselling. It is never too late to reframe your beliefs and allow yourself to grow and expand into the true you. Regardless of how much the true you is buried, you can still find YOU.

If you feel drawn to me please get in touch below.