I offer a range of services that align the body, mind and spirit, promoting wellbeing.

Reiki healing sessions

Hourly sessions


Reiki is a powerful healing modality which originated in Japan with Sensei Mikao Usui. Usui developed his system of healing in order for others to reach an enlightened state of being. Reiki reaches each plane of existence and shifts our energy in many different ways which is unique to the individual receiving Reiki. It is during this process that symptoms of ‘dis’ ‘ease’ can be released and you have the ability to reconnect with your true self. We can often feel lost and lose our direction as our conditioning can change how connected and secure we feel. This in turn effects our ability to listen to our higher self. Reiki can help find that spark within your self once again and allow your true self to begin to shine.

Reiki can help relieve a number of common difficulties people face in their daily lives, including, but not limited to: anxiety, depression, stress, sleep deprivation, chronic pain and fatigue.

The potential of Reiki is endless as it can be received in person by the client standing, seated, or lying on a massage bed depending on the clients difficulties and needs. In most cases an in person Reiki session with me will involve you laying on a massage bed, fully clothed and cocooned in a blanket to enhance the feelings of safety and security. There will be soft vibrational music in the background. This offers a relaxing vibration where you can reach an enhanced state of healing. Each Reiki session will be tailor to your needs with your privacy respected at all times.

I also offer distance Reiki healing where you stay in the comfort of your own home while receiving Reiki energies. This does not effect the quality of you Reiki session but does overcome the issue of physical distance and accessibility of in person Reiki.

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Sole Truth Connections

20 minute sessions


I am fascinated by your unique Sole Truth Connection, where I reveal both the seen and the unseen.

Your feet reveal how you see yourself, what others see along side what you hide from your self as a way of keeping yourself small and contained. By allowing my eyes to delve deep in to your soles and every aspect of your feet I may reveal limiting self beliefs, patterns of behaviour, defence mechanisms that you currently have in place or have previously had in place. We may talk about restraints and permissions you have in place to expand or restrict yourself, that you are possibly not aware of. Don’t worry, I will only have access to what your higher self is ready to hear. Your Sole Truth Connection is unique to you and changes as you do, this is why you will see changes in your feet that you can’t personally explain. Have you ever noticed that bruise that ‘just appeared’ or that nail that ‘just broke off’? These are some examples of what I home into when looking at your feet.

There are no coincidence where your feet are concerned. As a lovey client named Jo, once said ‘expect the unexpected’ when having your sole truth connection. I believe sharing your Sole Truth Connection with you can be a powerful experience that brings about change and transformation as you release what no longer serves you, through acknowledging where you are.

Let’s create inner peace together